Due to our  variety of cats we can produce almost every colour and pattern :  Solid, Pointed, Spotted Tabbies, Ticked Tabbies, Tabbies, Torties, Calicos, Bicolours and Seychellios (Pointed Bicolours)

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WelcomeSACC Runner Up Breeder of the Year 2016 Highest Placed SACC Siamese & Oriental Breeder for 2016

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SINCE  20 MARCH 2012

Bell-Aimee, coming from the French word Belamy  meaning "beautiful friend" and just happens to be a combination of my name and my first breeding queens call name “Bella” ,  was established in 2011 and  is situated in the beautiful hills of the Natal Midlands.  

Our cattery was first registered with the South African Cat Council and then later registered The World Cat Federation (Bell-Aimee*ZA) .  

We focus on breeding happy, healthy  Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald kittens  with super personalities which is why we only work with Ethical, Reputable Registered Breeders who focus on improving the breed.

We Have Kittens Available & Kittens on the way

We feed and recommend Hill’s Ideal Balance & Hill’s Science Diet


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For more info  call: 072-426-7810

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